AirgunWebTV 2015 EPISODE 1

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Welcome to AirgunWebTV

First of all, welcome to ArigunWebTV.  This is a project that I’ve been wanting to see happen for several years now.  Thanks to guys like Cecil Bays (Airgun Scout) and Ben Pierson (Idea Film Factory), along with all my supporters; vendors, manufacturers, and viewers, we are very happy to bring to you our preview of Episode 1 of AirgunWebTV.

In this episode you’ll see how we envision the show moving forward.  We will have product reviews and field testing along with tips and tricks for airguners to get the most out of their airgun products.  For Episode 1 we are looking at perhaps the most overlooked entry level PCP on the market, the Hatsan AT44 QE Long.  Really the entire AT44 family is a great value for airgunners and needs to get more recognition in the industry.

So join us as we take this new adventure in airgunning on AirgunWebTV where we test it, we shoot it, and we tell you all about it.