AirForce Texan Review – Part 1 by AirgunWeb

This video is on the newly released AirForce Texan.  A .457 caliber big bore airgun capable of generating over 500 foot pounds of energy at the muzzle. The AirForce Texan hit the scene in 2015 like a class 5 storm. Currently, It produces more power than any other commercially produced airgun you can buy off the shelf. Sticking with AirForce’s proven design, the Texan is elegantly simple and extremely easy to operate. In this Part 1 review, we’ll look at the 4 ammo choices from Air Venruri and also get baseline for accuracy with each option. is the World's Largest On-Line Etailer of airguns and airgun accessories.  Dog River Design, LLC. has enjoyed a long standing relationship with PyramydAir dating back to 2008.  We continually collaborate on how to present products in a unique and exciting way to advance the sport of airgunning and their Bottom line.