• AirgunWebTV 2015 EPISODE 1

    AirgunWebTV 2015 EPISODE 1

    In this episode you’ll see how we envision the show moving forward. We will have product reviews and field testing…

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  • AirForce Texan Review – Part 1 by AirgunWeb

    AirForce Texan Review – Part 1 by

    This video is on the newly released AirForce Texan. A .457 caliber big bore airgun capable of generating over 500…

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  • Walther Rotek Review & Test – Compact, Consistent, & Accurate

    Walther Rotek Review & Test –

    The Walther Rotek is a regulated PCP airgun that puts lead right on target with minimal effort.

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  • Orion – Precision Airgun Scoring System

    Orion – Precision Airgun Scoring S

    The Orion Scoring System combines technology and airguns to create an affordable precision scoring system for those in the competitive…

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  • Taglich Brothers

    Taglich Brothers

    Taglich Brothers has been a client for over 15 years.  Our relationship started with their Investment Banking division but quickly…

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  • Myerson Law

    Myerson Law

    Myerson Law Offices have been clients for over 10 years.  While our initial focus was to help them with their…

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  • Gifting Warriors

    Gifting Warriors

    Gifting Warriors is a non-profit organization started by Thomas Barth, a veteran whose family served our country for generations and…

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  • Barth Crane Inspections

    Barth Crane Inspections

    Barth Crane Inspections operates several websites dedicated to crane accident investigation, crane safety, and general crane operation.

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