Web Marketing: Consulting and Management

Having a great looking website is only part of the equation. While it may “look” good to web visitors, it really needs to “look” good to the search engines. This can sometimes seem more art than science but we’ve been doing it since 1996 we are able to merge both art and science. Our clients enjoy great organic results in all the major search engines. Not through smoke and mirror tricks, but through hard work and leveraging our knowledge of how to serve pages to the search engines in the most efficient and productive ways. Want to know our secrets? Sorry, that’s NOT going to happen, but we can use them to help your business get noticed and enjoy search engine happiness potential.

Beyond the organic search engine optimization there are paid services that can provide the instant exposure and gratification that everyone one wants for their business. In this case, it’s usually about how much money you have to spend to make it happen. We can help you maximize your investment, working directly with google analysts so that you get the best bang for your buck.